For fundraising organizations

How do I register my non-profit organization for the JACEK Chocolate Fundraising Program?

It's super easy! Just send us an Email and our Fundraising Coordinator will get in touch with you to register your oranization.

How does your fundraising program work?

In an effort to make our 2020 fundraising program easy and contactless, we created a fundraising shop where family & friends of the fundraisers can place their order and pay directly. 
Once you have registered your non-profit organization with us, we will provide a welcome package that includes a unique Group Code. You will need to share this code with all fundraisers, their families & friends. While everyone is able to access the fundraising shop, the cart page is locked and you can only proceed to checkout after entering the Group Code

What is the incentive?

To support your fundraising efforts, you will earn back a percentage of your sales. If you are interested in our fundraising program and would like to get more information, please send us an Email.

For fundraising supporters

I received a Group Code from a fundraiser, how do I place an order?

Check out our step-to-step guide on how to place your order to support a fundraiser. 

Do you ship?

Unfortunately, we cannot ship directly to you. The distribution of the orders is organized by the fundraising organization. Please contact your fundraising coordinator for more information.

Where can I get more information about JACEK Chocolate?

Visit the our main website (www.jacekchocolate.com) for more information about us and our products.